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The Harmful Effects of Algae on Your Home Exterior

What are algae? It's a simple question that has a complicated answer. Algae is technically a plant, but it is so different from other plants that it falls under a kingdom of its own. It's just as much an organism as a plant but has more in common with an animal cell. Algae also have several uses, from providing nutrition for fish and other animals to bioplastics.

However, if you find algae growing on your home exterior, it is far from good. The amount of damage algae can cause to your home is very extensive. Keep reading to learn more about the harmful effects of algae on your home exterior.

Slippery Pathways

If you have algae growing on your home exterior, it can result in a slippery surface that can be dangerous to walk on. Algae can also make walkways and driveways slick, leading to accidents. In addition, algae can discolor your home's siding and other surfaces, making them look dirty and unkempt. If you have algae on your property, it's essential to remove it promptly to avoid these potential hazards.

Leads to Moisture on the Walls

Algae growth on your home exterior can lead to moisture formation on your walls. This is because the algae will release water vapor as it grows, and this vapor will condense on your walls. This can create problems with mold and mildew, as well as a general deterioration of your walls.

Negatively Affects Curb Appeal

Algae can hurt the appearance of your home exterior and can discolor your siding, making it look dirty. In addition, algae can make your deck or porch look slimy and even make your windows look foggy. If there is algae growth on your property, it can be challenging to sell your home or maintain it in its best condition. However, hiring residential power washing services can solve your algae problem and restore your home exterior to its former glory.

Reduced Property Value

Algae can adversely affect your property value. Buyers may be turned off by the sight of algae, thinking it is a sign of a neglected home. In addition, algae can cause damage to your home exterior, making it harder to sell your home at its total value. If you are thinking of selling your home, it is essential to have the algae removed so that you can get the best possible price for your property.

There may be a lot of debate around the environmental impact of algae, but everyone agrees that it can be highly damaging to your exterior walls. But you can’t just stop at learning about the harmful effects of algae; it is also equally essential to protect your home exterior by looking for professional surface cleaning and power washing services. For an algae-free home, get in touch with RX 2 Power Wash at 740-260-8663 or use our online form to contact us today!

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